How to choose your ideal boudoir photographer

  1. Go on Pinterest, create a Pinterest board of images you love, photos that inspire you and get to know what images you want from your session. This will also give your photographer a guide to know what you’re comfortable with. Once you’ve created a board of all the images you like, have a look at it. Overall, what is the style? Is it bright and airy? Dark and moody? Predominantly black and white? Is it shoot indoors at a studio? Or outdoors in the forest or beach? 
  2. Go on instagram. Search #“yourcity”boudoir, for example #melbourneboudoir or #boudoirmelbourne or #melbourneboudoirphotographer this will help you find local boudoir photographers and from here you can see their styles. Stalk their feeds. Do you resonate with them? Watch their stories, do you like who they are? You’re going to be very vulnerable with this person, you want to be comfortable with them. Once you’ve found the style that you like, look through your local boudoir photographers. Who suits the style you like the most? This will help you choose the one you connect with best. 
  3. Go on local bridal pages, ask local brides who they’ve shot with. It’s always great getting some honest feedback. I’m a member of many local wedding pages on Facebook and its a great way to meet my clients, its also a great way to see feedback about other local photographers.
  4. After you’ve found your ideal photographer, check out their website, have a look at their prices, are you comfortable with their packages? Do they offer everything that you want? If yes, send them a message, try and book a telephone consult, it’s easier to chat and discuss everything that you want from your boudoir experience. It is also important to check out their galleries, if they’ve only shot one body type, they may only be comfortable with that one body type. Do you see anyone in their galleries that looks like you? Once you’ve narrowed it down, don’t forget to jump on google and read their reviews. If they have any bad ones, have they responded to them well?