How to prepare for a boudoir experience

  1. Go on Pinterest, create a Pinterest board of images you love, photos that inspire you and get to know what images you want from your session. This will also give your photographer a guide to know what you’re comfortable with. Once you’ve created a board of all the images you like, have a look at it. Overall, what is the style? Is it bright and airy? Dark and moody? Predominantly black and white? Is it shoot indoors at a studio? Or outdoors in the forest or beach? 
  2. Go on instagram. Search #“yourcity”boudoir, for example #melbourneboudoir or #boudoirmelbourne or #melbourneboudoirphotographer this will help you find local boudoir photographers and from here you can see their styles. Stalk their feeds. Do you resonate with them? Watch their stories, do you like who they are? You’re going to be very vulnerable with this person, you want to be comfortable with them. Once you’ve found the style that you like, look through your local boudoir photographers. Who suits the style you like the most? This will help you choose the one you connect with best. 
  3. After you’ve found your ideal photographer, check out their website, have a look at their prices, are you comfortable with their packages? Do they offer everything that you want? If yes, send them a message, try and book a telephone consult, it’s easier to chat and discuss everything that you want from your boudoir experience. 
  4. Once you’ve booked in your session, it’s time for the fun to begin. It’s time to choose your outfits and props. And this is also where your Pinterest board can help. Do you want to wear a one piece? Or maybe two pieces? Did you want to wear stockings and heels? Did you want to bring props? Maybe you want to shoot nude? Sometimes you actually have to go in store and try on some lingerie to find out what you actually want to wear. Whatever you do, make sure you love it. If you don’t feel comfortable in the change room, you definitely won’t feel comfortable in-front of a camera. I also definitely recommend shopping in-store rather than online, you want to try it on and make sure that your outfits fit well and and comfortable. If you decide that you want to wear heels, make sure they are clean, you want the bottoms to be clean and the heel to be in good condition. 
  5. Next step, organise your skin care, you want to prep for your session. If you’re planning on fake tanning, make sure you exfoliate, not just before your tan but the week in advance too. Your tan will apply better if your skin is healthy and smooth. This goes the same for makeup, skin prep is very important for a good makeup application.
  6. One of the last things to do is your nails, you don’t have to get them done, and they don’t even have to be painted. But they definitely should be clean and cut neatly. Make sure you do not have chipped polish. Painted nails do look lovely and help to look a little more finished. But not everyone is comfortable with their nails done, and that’s fine! These are your photos, be true to yourself! 
  7. On the day of your shoot, make sure you pack everything that you want to bring with you. Your outfits, props, water bottle, something comfy to wear whilst getting your hair and makeup done. Make sure that you have clean hair and skin, it makes the HMUA’s job a lot easier! Another great tip is to not wear anything tight before your shoot, underwear and other tight clothing will leave lines on your skin. This also goes to say, don’t put any hair ties on your wrists too. 

My last great tip is to have fun, be proud of yourself! I’m proud of you for making the choice to do something that celebrates the amazing person you are! Future you thanks you!