How to prepare for your boudoir shoot

I think the most important aspect to prepare before your shoot is your mindset.

You need to psych yourself up, get excited. 

This is a big step, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and learning to love yourself is something to be proud of!

My best tips for an awesome shoot are as follows:

1: create a Pinterest board. 

This helps to inspire you, it also gives the photographer an idea of what you're comfortable with. Some women may want really provocative images whereas some may prefer a glamorous and innocent style shoot. Knowing what you want means that you’re going to go in knowing what to expect. 

2: create a killer playlist.

Create something that is fun, you want music that inspires confidence and makes you feel sexy. What songs make you get up and dance on a night out? You want to be feeling yourself, it’s a fun experience, pump the tunes and watch the confidence flow!

3:Find lingerie that makes you feel stunning. 

Never bought lingerie before and don’t know what you like? Have a look on Pinterest, sometimes it’s easier to look for models that have similar bodies to yours so you can imagine what it would look like on you.

I also suggest to go I store and try on the lingerie, shopping online can be cheaper but you won’t know exactly what it looks like until you try it on.

4: Choose a photographer that you connect with.

Check out their work online. Do you like their style? No point choosing someone if they don’t offer what you love. You’re going to be spending quite a few hours with this person, and you’re going to be quite vulnerable with them, so you need to be comfortable with them. Watch their stories, get to know their personality, make sure you like them. 

If they work in a team, ask which photographer you’re working with. 

5: Ask your photographer questions, not sure about something or need a recommendation, just ask. We love our jobs and love to talk about it, so please don’t be afraid to reach out!